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Who is Lauren Chantel?

Lauren is a devoted mother, loving wife, and a passionate skin care enthusiast. Her journey into the world of skincare was ignited by a personal mission – to transform her own skin into its best version.​


Lauren's commitment to delivering both serene relaxation and tangible results is at the heart of Chic Hour Skin's approach. With a wealth of knowledge underpinning her practice, Lauren provides a tailored range of treatments that combine the art of relaxation with the science of skin rejuvenation. 


Beyond skin treatments, she has honed her skills in the precise art of eyebrow shaping and the finesse of body waxing. The ever-evolving landscape of skincare and treatments fuels Lauren's passion, infusing each day with renewed vigor.


The constant challenge of mastering new solutions ensures that she is forever engaged in this dynamic realm.​We invite you to embark on a conversation about your unique skincare aspirations. Together, we can devise a strategy to unlock your skin's true potential. 


Secure your appointment today, and let's begin this transformative journey toward vibrant, radiant skin!

Lauen Chantel, CEO
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